Imam encouraged parading woman naked

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BBC Urdu has quoted local officials saying that the imam of Nilor Bala village in Haripur, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, encouraged a group of people who publicly tortured and then paraded a 50-year old woman. The imam, Sakhawat Hussain, admitted to BBC that he was present there but did not oppose the shameful and barbaric act because ‘the culprits were armed.’

Pakistan is a religious extremism-ridden country where mullahs and imams are always armed with either weapons or fatwas, the latter also they use as weapons. But they always use them against schools, hospitals, roads, educational centers, and development programs. Their fatwas always remain silent and helpless when it comes to violence against women, torture and other inhumane crimes and brutalities.

According to the BBC report, the police have yet not arrested some of the accusers and the imam as well. ‘We are investigating the matter,’ said the police officer in the area.

In a country where a court can acquit men who gang-raped a woman, it will not be surprising to hear a few days later that this 50-old woman is arrested by police and put in prison because it was her fault as she was a woman. 

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