Traffic, everywhere every time in Lagos; Are there solutions?

The current state of the Lagos traffic situation is not nice. It is more of a burden to anyone except for odd reasons. Road traffic in Lagos comes for any reason and at any time on any route within its borders; this situation is biting and it is not excessively talked about for solutions. Lagos [...]

Lagos Traffic Solution: A presentation for the present

The Lagos traffic situation is what many have come to accept by adjusting schedules and engagements to accommodate it. Lagos traffic situation is there for many reasons including the fact that most people buy cars as soon as they can afford it, contributing to the overall amount of vehicles on the road. Blog this! Bookmark [...]

Nigeria: Lagos Traffic Solution and Global Warming

Of all the problems with the Lagos traffic situation, global warming may be the least reason to prompt moves for solutions if a survey asking this were to be carried out. Lagos, a major city in Nigeria is faced by a perennial traffic situation that most residents have adapted to. Lagos is the commercial hub [...]

CONSERVATION: New technology and the elephant

At the heart of the wildlife dispute were divergent views on the 2007 deal that settled on a nine-year breather for the ivory trade, explains WANJOHI KABUKURU The 15th Conference of Parties (CoP15) of the Conference on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) simply known as World Wildlife Trade Talks took place in Qatar’s humid [...]

Protesting rickshaw drivers rampage city in Bangladesh

Rickshaw drivers have gone on a rampage in capital Dhaka and vandalized over 100 vehicles during protest against a police decision to make the human-pedaled out of bounds on the city streets. The angry drivers protested against the city authority’s move to off-limit to rickshaws, in a bid to ease the chronic clogged streets during [...]

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