Geoengineering Science is closer than COP17

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Geoengineering is the magic wand to likely save the world from devastating effects of climate change. A point of no return is a recent prediction about where Green House (GHG) emissions will tilt the earth climate system. This scupper is worrisome even as diminutive weather variation around the world is causing losses to lives and conditions for global warming or related possibilities.

The highly anticipated UN climate change meeting is days away and key players in talks know that a deal is unlikely and commitments at the meeting may be for communiqué and not for implementation. This submits that even as the meet up is near its original purpose is far away.

What seem to be close, likely and on point is geoengineering. Unconvinced about this? Then stay updated for news on the geoengineering experiment of UK Scientists likely for the first half of 2012. This is coming at its first stage for solutions and to further understand this Solar Radiation Management (SRM) aspect of geoengineering.

This experiment mimics the action of sulphate particles given off by the Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991 that cooled the earth’s climate system. This experiment and geoengineering procedures generally face some criticism because of possibility to sway focus on efforts to have the international agreement; possibility to affect biodiversity and further depletion to the ozone layer.

No geoengineering experiment is against curbing emissions. No one can say because I can afford something, I will intentionally destroy it continuously, and buy it back. Curbing emissions is the solution to global warming but geoengineering will squelch past and near future effects of GHG emissions.

Biodiversity issue was addressed by governments at the 2010 UN Convention on Biological Diversity and their resolve includes that geoengineering should not have harsh effects on biodiversity. Sure, it should not because aside protecting biodiversity, we are also protecting ourselves and all geoengineering experiments will be carried out within a safe range.

The ozone layer issue is a concern too, aside geoengineering, ozone layer depletion is also affected by GHGs or global warming because of processes in the upper atmosphere. Ozone Layer Geoengineering (OLG) is a developing research seeking to address ozone depletion for whatever reason; geoengineering, Ozone Depleting Substances (ODSs) or global warming.

The research sends a useful component of the process the ozone layer uses to protect planet earth from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays for discharge to join in the process. Oxygen gas is the center of the OLG research and will be taken as liquid from planet earth for discharge as gas to depleted parts of the ozone layer.

The ‘biggest good’ that can happen to geoengineering any time soon is to have one of the major space agencies around the world get involved; NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) or Japan Space Agency (JAXA).

With research on outer space as their priority, entry into geoengineering will see the world tune some seriousness to geoengineering and have critics respect the move because they understand the earth’s atmosphere and will work carefully as a large team using all necessary equipment.

The need for geoengineering lies in our need for a safe earth. The evolving of geoengineering of late can be linked to an evolving world where options and experience considered pollyannaish is cladded with options for progress. Geoengineering is a smoking gun for bailout from global warming effects and its deployment is closer than we think.

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  1. EVsRoll
    november 15th, 2011 @ 20:53

    Magic Wand? Geoengineering is more of a last resort action to a long term lack of common sense than magic.

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