The DRC’s up-hill battle to fight gender-based violence

The continued use of sexual violence to terrorize women and girls in many countries across the globe, has continued despite many efforts in recent years to bring light to these horrendous gender-based crimes. Therefore women and girls remain trapped living in daily fear, as the numbers of rape victims continuously rises, becoming a common feature [...]

HIV/AIDS: ARVs as prevention must move quickly “from science to action”

A landmark study showing major reductions in HIV transmission among discordant couples due to early treatment may fail to have a significant impact on HIV prevention unless governments and donors are willing to turn the science into action, HIV advocates say. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Tip on Hyves Share on Linkedin [...]

Putting the spotlight on maternal health

Yesterday it was Mother’s day and for many it means getting Mom a card, some flowers or a gift that show her how much we care and appreciate all she has done to make us the people we are today. For mothers in developing countries it is also a day in which they most often [...]

Report revels a shocking 7,000 stillbirths occurring daily

A report from the World Health Organization indicates that some 2.6 million stillbirths occur every year globally, with more than 90% of them in low or middle income countries. With an estimated 7,000 stillbirth every day, with majority of such cases happening in Sub- Saharan African countries including Uganda. The report estimated that almost half [...]


Can you imagine a world where 1.5 million children become ill and die each year as a result of lacking drinking water and sanitation? Can you imagine a world where water and sanitation fall into private ownership, a world where water is no longer a basic human right, a world where water is available only [...]

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