Demagoguery, Thy Name is Mugabe

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s volatile and unpredictable President has moved from his insistence that his country would hold elections in 2011 and now says that Zimbabwe’s elections will be held no later than March 2012. For Mugabe the exact date of the elections matters much less, it seems, than his ability to dictate terms. For Mugabe [...]

Press Release: President Mugabe must shape up or ship out

By now, I think it has become clear beyond any reasonable doubt that a new Federal President is required for Zimbabwe as soon as yesterday. The largest majority of our people have spoken this truism over and over, and on many occasions, their legitimate voices and demands have been met by the crushing fist of [...]

Zimbabwe Finance Minisiter, Tendai Biti is right and spot on civil servants

The Right Honorable Finance Minister of Zimbabwe, His Honor Tendai Biti is right with his latest stance on Civil servants in which he has basically said “Yes to Civil Servants salary increases but not before we fix what must be fixed”. The era of greedy, reckless, populist and unaccounted for spending and over spending which [...]

Mugabe’s centenarian dreams and Zimbabwe’s nightmares

Rumors that Robert Mugabe’s health might be faltering notwithstanding, Mugabe himself claims that he is going to live to be 100. So the myriad conflicts and problems plaguing the country in its recent past are probably not going anywhere soon. Indeed recent days have shown the gamut of Zimbabwean problems ranging from fresh threats against [...]

Zuma should focus on Zimbabwe instead of Libya

I question the wisdom of the African Union (AU) to send the South African President Jacob Zuma, who is also the SADC mediator and facilitator on the Zimbabwean crisis, to Libya in an attempt to revive the AU “roadmap” (another AU loaded word) for ending the conflict between Muammar Gaddafi and the anti-Gaddafi uprising. Zuma’s [...]

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