Support for Afrikaner plight from Dutch Minister Rosenthal, and MPs

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Last night, Dutch foreign affairs Minister Rosenthal ‘embraced’ a motion submitted by SGP-party MP Kees van der Staaij to raise their voices in support of the Afrikaners in South Africa. This opens the way for the motion’s acceptance in the Dutch House of Representatives.

Mr Van der Staaij pointed out in his motion that there was a considerable amount of violence taking place against the Afrikaners and that the country’s press-freedom was under great pressure.

In the previous two weeks, the PVV-party also made a point of highlighting the plight of the Afrikaners in the European Parliament (Lucas Hartong); in the Dutch house of representatives (MP Johan Driessen) and MP Martin Bosma in the Dutch Language Union.

The PVV-parliamentarians pointed out the very violent character of the ‘farm-murders’, the destruction of Afrikaans under the ANC –0 and the undemocratic nature of the South African regime. In the European Parliament, MP Lucas Hartong of the PVV also called for a ‘political-climate-change’ in South Africa. And his colleague in the PVV Johan Driessen also raised a motion to end all development-aid to South Africa.

The text of Mr Van der Staaij’s motion on Thursday-night was:

“Motion by member Van der Staaij (SGP) submitted during foreign affairs budget discussions Thursday 24-11-2011: The Chamber, noting that South Africa is struggling with stubborn forms of discrimination and a great many serious violent crimes, amongst which are racist-violence also against Afrikaners; and that great concerns exist about fundamental constitutional rights such as press freedom; considering that the Netherlands in the past has assisted the South African authorities with judiciary knowledge and -expertise in regards to the protection of human rights, the combating of violence and discrimination, as well as respecting basic rights; requests the government to examine how the Netherlands, and possibly also the EU in regards to the prevention, tracking down, judiciary support and expertise, could provide a contribution to combating discrimination and racist crimes of violence also towards the Afrikaners – and how at the same time they could contribute to guarantee basic rights such as press-freedom in South Africa” – submitted by Kees van der Staaij.

Lethal attacks/murders targetting ‘whites’ in Southern Africa

Attacks against white rural residents showed a dramatic rise from two attacks a day before WC2010 FIFA tournaments, to 40 attacks a day. The attacks logged against whites in the cities and the countryside together, showed that for instance in Gauteng province, where 921 attacks were recorded within a year; this attack-rate represented 23.5% of all the murders recorded in the province’s SA police statistics that year. Yet ‘whites’ only represented 9,5% of the total population of 49-million people in South Africa – and probably even less because at least 1-million have emigrated since 1994 to flee from the violence and the suppressive effects of the black-economic-empowerment anti-white hiring laws under the ANC-regime.

Nov 2010 to Nov 2011: Gauteng is the most dangerous province for ‘whites’

The attacks against whites are much higher than warrants their low proportional representation of 9.6%. This log shows that the murderous attacks against ‘whites’ in rural and urban Gauteng represented 23.5% of the South African Police Service (SAPS) statistics for that province in 2011: whereas the ‘white’ population in towns and the countryside represents only 9.6% of the population.

It’s also noticed that whereas there were only 12,000 commercial farmers remaining by 2010 out of a population of 49-million, the number of daily incidents — often very aggressive, gruesome violence and long-term torture — against this very small food-producing minority soared from an average two attacks a day from just before the World Cup 2010 FIFA tournaments; to the present 40 attacks a day average.

It was noted in the countryside that just at the end of WC2010 there was a sudden peak of 50 farm-attacks in just one day. Farmitracker also logged a high level of anti-white hatespeech by black-South Africans on Face book since the WC2010 especially – and this has since that time, not abated.

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