Tahrir march on defense ministry stopped by the army (VIDEOS)

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Two hours ago, a 2000-strong march took off from Tahrir heading to the Ministry of Defense, but has been stopped as of time of writing by the army by Nour Mosque in Abbassiya. Soldiers are firing into the air. According to Al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr, one protester has been lightly injured. The stand off continues.

A march was being planned for tomorrow 23 July, but the patience of protesters had already run out and the march took off tonight. I’m not there at the moment, but following the situation via Twitter, Al-Jazeera and some friends who are there.

UPDATE: Here is a report from Al-Masry Al-Youm… Abbassiya square is totally closed off now.

UPDATE: Three Central Security Forces trucks appeared in the Square, but were stoned by protesters. The police escaped, heading to Wayli district. The army is still blocking the march, as protesters continue chanting against SCAF. The plans for tomorrow’s march are still in effect.

UPDATE: SCAF issued a statement denying that the military police cracked down on protests anywhere and accused 6th of April of inciting the public against the army. Of course it’s a load of horseshit and this is the kind stupid moves by the army that also inflates the size and influence of some opposition groups like the 6th of April. The army needs some “enemy” to lay the blame on for the protests. I watched Al-Jazeera Misr Mubasher, and the official spokesperson of 6th of April, Mohamed Adel, denied the involvement of the group in the current march and more vehemently denied that the movement ever chanted against SCAF since the start of the July 8 sit-in. Shame on SCAF and shame on the 6th of April all together.

UPDATE: Here is a video of the army in Alexandria firing in the air to disperse protesters tonight. Similar anti-SCAF protests are taking place in several other provinces…

UPDATE: The coward politicians and most of activist groups are trying their best to dissuade themselves from the march on SCAF. A disgrace by all means. They are all showing up on TV accusing the protesters of being part of the “remnants of the old regime, with foreign agendas” bla bla bla.. Anyways, fuck them. Here is a statement from the Revolutionary Socialists in support of the march, calling for the overthrowing of SCAF…

UPDATE: Here are more videos of the Cairo march…

UPDATE: Here is another video from Alexandria, where the army cracked down on anti-SCAF protesters…

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