Political Adaptation and its brief account in Nepal

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It brings me to smile, when I think about Nepal’s politics and the kind of mentality that we Nepalese people have towards surfacing or addressing our political expectation. Politics the so called expectation of people certainly highlights a proper system to address the issues of public interest that should be flexible and selfish toward the social welfare. Now let’s talk about Nepal’s elite parties, Nepali congress or UML or any other party why are all in the same league, why don’t they have a standing regarding political responsibility toward people’s aspiration. All of them they say they are working for the public but why they cannot come to a common point in the name of a country is something always makes me think. Why none of the political parties are ideal to define their political practices or why they are in question of morale and ethics ….? What about the constitution? what about giving public a standard of life. These are the utmost priorities of the public sentiment that are broadly being neglected.

Now looking at the other side of the corner we have the Maoist, from the day of the Maoist revolt to their commitment of joining the main stream politics, it seems negligible in proportionate of the decisions and agreements, they made. Their establishment and struggle has been testimonial to the mentality that revolted against the past practice of politics that was more inclined to Power sharing, Nepotism, corruption, Favoritism, manipulation etc. Their contribution has been limited to the pending situation of being the largest party of the constitution assembly and to prioritize their importance in showcasing there power and politics. Their ideology evolved from people’s aspirations where today it’s limited to their party and their people. Their struggle and existence highlights the sacrifices of thousands who willing gave their lives for their country but today it’s more like the other way round where the definitions their ideologies are changing.

I strongly believed in people and their ideologies. I always stood by the fact that none of the parties stand in Nepal is wrong in fact their leadership and their visions might have been wrong but not the party itself. Political parties are the free way of people’s voice that keeps public know and change accordingly to fulfill and direct the social welfare in regards to full social obligation as defined and needed.

Reality is the growing popularity stunts and media attention of Nepal’s politics is infested with a new adaptation and mutation of a new popularity contest that has certainly taken Nepal’s politics to new a newer heights.

One thing I always thought about was the so called out of proportion blow out publicity that has adapted Nepal’s politics. For instant Dr Baburam Bhattrai using the mustang car designed and contributed by the Golcha group of industry. He was an instant HERO as soon as the news came out. May be people were sick and tired of monotonous image of the show off attitude of politicians but it certainly brought him to news and he certainly enjoyed the popularity but for what is my question. Reality is Golcha Group is enlisted as one of the VAT defaulters of the country. A question that says may be we are hurrying too much in giving him a Hero image, without doing anything.

Another example is the Prime Minister talking on phone to the normal public live in the nationwide national TV station Nepal Television. It’s a good initiation for a Prime Minister’s side to know his people and their problems but why publicize, it publically? It’s done in so much out of proportion way and for what?

He is there to work not to en-cash popularity. After all may be he is also another politician who believes in making thing work from his own way but his position certainly gives the power and responsibility to be credible then to en-cash his own popularity. The question is where did we lack or what are we searching for? We outcaste the king, we declared the country as secular state, we have better laws and regulation from exploitation to racialism and still we have no political stability, still there are issue that hinders the life of a normal layman. I believe our country is facing the problem due to bad politics practices or wrong political adaptation. It is a question to all where we need to do a reality check to search for answers as in future you will be asked the question by your coming generation , then and there I believe we all need to have an answer to say we believe in this…………………………………

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