Army chases protesters for Tahrir in Cairo, reason still unclear (VIDEO)

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It is beyon my capacity to conclude from here what was exactly behind the evensts on Tahrir in the early morning of Saturday. The army attacked, so much is sure. But why? Blogger 3arabawy (Hossam Hamalawy) has this video and also the text is his.

The Army’s Special Forces, Paratroopers, with the help of Central Security Forces (yes, they are back and the US-made tear gas canisters are back too!) and plainclothes policemen cracked down on Tahrir protesters starting from 3:20am, with tasers, live ammunition. There are reports of injuries. We still don’t know if anyone died yet. (Two did, according to Reuters. And at least 15 were wouded, TP).

Earlier the Military Police tried to enter Tahrir to detain the officers who joined the revolt, but the protesters drove them back and chased away General Hamdi Badeen, the head of the Military Police.

Ahram on line reports: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has released a statement claiming the attack was targeted against thugs and members of the former-ruling National Democratic Party who they accused of ‘conducting sabotage’ in the square. Among those blamed for sabotage was Ibrahim Kamel, already accused of plotting the infamous ‘camel attack’ of 2 February, one of the bloodiest days of Egypt’s 18-day revolt. The Council has since issued an order for Kamel’s arrest.

But Al Ahram also seems to hint that internal differences of opinion within the army might have been a reason for what happened: ‘Youtube videos were circulating days before Egypt’s “Cleansing Friday”, showing army officers calling on their counterparts to join Tahrir Square protests and condemning the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces,’ it writes.

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