AMI and KAS Media Africa announce strategic partnership

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The African Media Initiative (AMI) and the Sub-Sahara Africa Media Programme of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS Media Africa) today announced a strategic partnership, beginning with the hosting of a joint annual media conference on the African continent later this year. The 2011 conference will be held under the banner of the African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF) in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, on November 10 and 11.

Both parties are motivated and united by the objective to strengthen the role of the independent media and to make a valuable contribution towards media sustainability and democratization across Africa. AMI and KAS Media Africa have been at the forefront of bringing together African media leaders and owners to discuss and share experiences and challenges. KAS Media Africa has successfully funded nine editions of the African Media Leadership Conference (AMLC) series. In 2008, AMI started the African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF), the largest gathering of media owners and operators from around the African continent.

“These are exciting times in the media world and it is the perfect moment to combine our forces”, says Markus Brauckmann, Director of KAS Media Africa, “We feel that our target group of top media players will benefit from the joint conference efforts more than ever before.”

Amadou Mahtar Ba, Chief Executive of the African Media Initiative (AMI) said: “We are particularly glad that KAS Media Africa is bringing their first-rate experience to the African Media Leaders Forum. AMLF has definitely become the premium media marketplace and networking opportunity on the continent for top media owners and operators and we look very much forward to Tunis 2011.”

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