Afrikaner woman had to pose naked for cops

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288906_10150278913003518_696213517_7515966_989048_o Afrikaner marketing-consultant Marina Kloppers, 23, was forced to strip naked so that two black cops could photograph her with their cellphones. When asked why, they said: ‘Tonight I am God’.

Afrikaner marketing-consultant Marina Kloppers, 23, has placed charges of assault and indecent assault against two blackcops from Pretoria West police  for forcing her to strip down naked and taking pictures of her on their cellphones on July 21 2011 at 2am. They then took her and a friend Charise de Witt, 22, to the Laudiumclinic for blood-tests – where she was forced to strip naked and photographed by the two male cops. She was never charged for anything but they then threw her into a police-cell at the Pretoria West police station, where she lapsed into a diabetic coma and had to be rushed by her father Willem to Eugene Marais Hospital to save her life.

Journalist Gerhard Pretorius of Beeld daily interviewed Ms Kloppers and her father after her ordeal. Her father Willem, acting sports-head of Pretoria University of Technology, had to rush his daughter from a police-cell where she had collapsed into a diabetic coma.

Her ordeal started Ms Kloppers was pulled over by a police-car with two officers while she was driving with  her friend Ms De Wit in Mayville, Pretoria at 2am. White South African women are often pulled over and molested by blacks when they are driving, including by  police officers: so Ms Kloppers was so terrified when she saw the police-car following them that she wouldn’t stop at a red traffic light;  The cops tried to force the women’s car off the road – and while they were driving alongside her, she asked through her window if they could drive to a safer place. She drove to a friend’s house and as she stopped in front of it, the two cops yanked the attractive blonde woman to the ground and dragged her across the tar-road. They then sat on top of her to handcuff her.

She and Ms De Wit were dumped in the rear of the police-van and driven around for two hours. The two women were then taken to the Laudium clinic for blood-tests. Even the passenger Ms De Wit was forced to give blood by the nurse. Ms Kloppers then told the nurse that the two police officers had assaulted her during the arrest. The nurse then called in the black cops  while Ms Kloppers was in her underclothes and the two men then demanded that she strip down entirely “so that they could photograph her injuries”. Then they took photographs of her entire body with their cameras. “I will never forget this for the rest of my life,’ she told Pretorius. Ms Kloppers then was rushed to the Pretoria West police station in the back of the police-van and thrown into a police-cell.

Her father Willem Kloppers – the acting sports-head of the Pretoria University of Technology and friends then arrived to try and get her out. Ms Kloppers and her friends and family were afraid that she would be raped – as happened to many women in SA police-cells late at night.  Initially her father was however denied access to his daughter: by the time they were given access to her, she had lapsed into a diabetic coma. Mr Kloppers then rushed to the  Eugène Marais-hospital to get her medicine and administered it in the police-cell but she failed to respond: she remained in coma.  A constable then told the father to rather take his daughter away- that he would take personal responsibility if anybody asked questions.

She was never charged with any crime. She was rushed to Eugene Marais hospital by her dad – where she was helped to recover from the coma. Ms Kloppers now is undergoing psychologic counselling, and has been given anti-depressants, fear-suppressants and sleeping pills.  “In the daytime I am fine, but at night in the dark I keep reliving this. I will never trust a policeman ever again,’ she said.

She was terrified that she would be raped. Her father dad he could not understand how anyone can do such a thing to any woman.

Warrant-officer Annabel Middelton confirmed that a case of assault and indecent assault was placed at the Brooklyn police station against the two police members. Station commander Brig. André Wiese also confirmed that ‘from my side I will do everything possible to have this investigated correctly.’

AUTHOR: Adriana Stuijt
E-MAIL: a.j.stuijt [at]


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  1. Jaco
    augustus 10th, 2011 @ 12:12

    Other country’s have no idea how South Africa has gone down the drain the last 17 years. Brutal murders on whites, rape, victimisation and so much more! Apartheid was wrong and I supported the Anti-Apartheid movements, but not even THIS happened during those days. They are stripping down everything, from the top government down to the millions that don’t have work and wait for their “portion” of nationalizations……which they will never get! Unfortunatley this has become a country were it is everyone for himself….

  2. Andrea (cop)
    augustus 11th, 2011 @ 09:28

    Hi, you are lying. I am a cop here and my colleagues who are accused of doing that are not black but white. This is pathetic, why don’t you ever report of other crime on black people (committed by whites) too. You are racist.

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