And again a victim of torture in Egypt

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And again a man was tortured to death by Egyptian security forces. This time it was the prison authorities at Torah prison in Cairo who killed a 24 year old man, Essam Ali Atta Ali. He died Thursday night at Qasr El-Eini hospital in Cairo.

Essam Atta was sentenced to two years in jail by military court on 25 February for a common crime. He was awaiting a revision of his verdict. According to his cellmates, prison officials attempted to punish him for apparently smuggling a mobile SIM card into the ward. Prison officers reportedly pushed hoses into Ali’s mouth and anus, which led to bleeding. An officer from Torah prison dropped Ali yesterday in a critical condition at the hospital. Attending physicians immediately noticed liquid secretions emitted from Ali’s mouth and suspected foul play.

Activists and supporters of Ali’s family wasted no time and set a facebook page to demand justice for the 24 year old man they called Egypt’s latest martyr. “We are all Khaled Said”, one of Egypt’s most popular facebook pages, and one that played a key role in organising for the uprising against ousted president Mubarak, called on doctors at the hospital to come forward and tell the pblic what they saw as they examined Essam Ali Atta Ali. News of Ali’s death at the hands of the police comes only hours after judges in Alexandria sentenced two police sergeants to 7 years in prison for their role in the murder of 28 year old Khaled Said. Many in Egypt consider this too lenient a punishment.

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