Chinook tragedy: Taliban acquisition of night vision technology probed

During the weekend, U.S. Special Operations troops were closing in on a secret Taliban summit thought to include a high-value commander in Afghanistan’s rugged Tangi Valley when they ran into an insurgent patrol that pinned them down. Before dawn on Saturday, members of the elite U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six packed into a twin-rotor Chinook [...]

What an open letter from a terrorist group looks like

The banned Pakistani terror outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has reportedly published an open letter addressed to the Hazara community in Quetta, Pakistan. The letter, reproduced and translated from Urdu below, is an example of the hate literature from sectarian groups that has been published from time to time in Quetta and other Pakistani cities. Coming in the [...]

Pakistan cops thwart assassination plot targeting President Zardari

Pakistani police officers thwarted an assassination plot targeting President Asif Ali Zardari it was reported on Sunday in Islamabad. Police arrested eight suspected terrorists from Islamabad and Punjab provinces who are believed to have been plotting the assassination. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Tip on Hyves Share on Linkedin Share on technorati [...]

No Justice, No Peace: Canadian Mining in Ecuador and Impunity

Intag residents lose much more than a lawsuit against the Toronto Stock Exchange and Copper Mesa On December 2, 2006, 14 paramilitaries armed with 38-caliber guns and pepper spray fired into a group of unarmed Ecuadorian campesinos from a community that has been resisting a copper mining project for over a decade. Thankfully no one was killed, [...]

Cyber attack shutdowns Malaysia’s most popular news website

It has been reported that Malaysia’s most popular news website Malaysiakini ( has been hit by cyber attack from 11 AM afternoon shutting the website down. The attack created a stir when the website stopped working just before the Sarawak election, making the website inaccessible to the readers. The attack has been diagnosed as Denial-of-service [...]

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