Terrorism, US policy and the UN

A clear definition of terrorism and its multifaceted causes was notably absent from any political and media discourse before and since 9/11. Noam Chomsky pointed out that only the Wall Street Journal, to its great credit, took the time and effort immediately after 9/11 to find out why there is such militant opposition to U.S. [...]

Containing Iran: US-EU escalating the new cold war

The US-led Cold War against Iran has been tightening in the last few weeks as NATO has been trying to overthrow the Gaddafi regime. The British government has accused Tehran of conducting missile tests intended to determine if they can deliver nuclear payload at some point in the future. This is a charge that Iran [...]

Does NATO best serve US and EU strategic interests?

The product of the early Cold War and US containment policy intended to forge a military sphere of influence that was also a political and economic sphere west of the Iron Curtain and south of the ‘Northern Tier’ (Greece, Turkey and Iran), NATO became obsolete with German re-unification and the end of the Cold War. [...]

Education as social engineering

In contemporary society education systems have ‘politicized’ and ‘hyper-commercialized’ role, following the ‘business model’ footprints, a model that serves only narrow interests and has questionable and uneven returns for its investors. Education’s use by governments as a social engineering tool is an issue connected with the evolving social structure and thus with social discontinuity, and [...]

Crime & economic hard times

It is natural to assume that economic hard times result in higher crime rates. However, that depends on the specific country and specific time period, regime, and above all the duration of economic hard times in relationship with the affluence of times past. The more authoritarian the society, the less the crime no matter how [...]

Covert operations necessary to combat terrorism, say security experts

Several recent reports have revealed that President Obama issued a presidential authorization allowing secret US assistance for the Libyan rebels fighting to overthrow the brutal dictator Col. Moamar Khadhafi. Just what activities are authorized is murky, but covert action has long been a favorite tool of US presidents. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on [...]

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