IPCC report indicates that the world’s energy needs could be met by renewables

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a report which indicates that nearly 80 percent of global energy demand could be met by renewable sources of energy by 2050. On May 9, the IPCC released the Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation. The report compares 164 different [...]

Arthalaya an effort of Social Economic Revolution

“Economic revolution is only possible when people are confident” as said economic development is ascribed to people’s confidence where they are the key players. Their aspiration and will to progress is an essential factor that triggers the change of social and economic revolution. From the past practices, it shows that in any state of economy’s [...]

Urban Water and Sanitation: Who cares about Poor?

The city development planning and judicious resource allocation in most of the cities in South Asian countries is a big challenge. Among the basic amenities, water and sanitation remained the core concern that lead to health problems, livelihood losses and an impediment to economic growth. Given the population growth and rapid migration from rural to [...]

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