Don’t forget the power of power

It’s the pundit’s dilemma: make bold predictions and you could end up looking like a fool, don’t make bold predictions and you run the risk of appearing tepid. Events in Egypt have brought forth a lot of predictions, many of them wrong, but keep in mind that most predictions end up being wrong, especially if [...]

The Hunger Trigger

As the din of revolution overwhelmed the Arab streets and thousands of defiant young Arabs, whose visceral anger like scalding lava has been bubbling just below the surface for years and now suddenly bursts into violent demonstrations over their governments’ inability to provide the basic necessities of life forcing Tunisia’s Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali [...]

Mixed reactions to choice of Egyptian constitutional panel

The Egyptian opposition has given a mixed reaction to the appointment by the military Supreme Council of a commission that is charged with making amendments to the constitution. The eight man commission held its first meeting on Tuesday. Particularly the Copts in Egypt were not pleased that the chairman of the commission is Tareq Al-Bishri, [...]

Jordan, Algeria, Yemen, ….Bahrain, Iran

Tehran (AP) The Tunisia/Egypt effect is also felt in the kingdom of Bahrain where particularly the Shia majority, which is ruled by the family of Al-Khalifa and the Sunni minority, has long been campaigning for more rights and democracy. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Tip on Hyves Share on Linkedin Share on [...]

Egypt: Stability Cannot Be Grounded in Dictatorship

Stable Dictatorship! What is it? The fear that the chaos engulfing Egypt may provide opportunity to anti-American radical Islamic militants to seize power is prompting some Western pundits, journalists, and the Mubarak regime to frame the solution to Egypt’s current crisis as a choice between “chaotic democracy” or “stable dictatorship.” This discourse is also prevalent [...]

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