Day of Departure?

Is this Friday going to be decisive? That is what the protesters at Midan al-Tahrir are certaintly hoping for. They expect that again thousands will flood the square after the morning prayers and called it the Day of Departure. But the situation is tense and unclear, with barbed wire and makeshift checkpoints around Tahrir to [...]

Not a march and not a million, but literally millions ask Mubarak to go away

Most important development of the last days: the army announced that it will not open fire on Egyptian civilians. Spokesman Ismail Etman of the army made a statement on Monday that the army recognizes the ‘right to freedom of expression’ and ‘the legitimate demands of the people’ and that the army will not use force [...]

A vice-president as a deus ex machina, and more protests to come

The appointment of lieutenant general Omar Suleiman, chief of Egypt’s Mukhabarat (intelligence), as vice-president is not going to change anything. Suleiman (74), a man who among other things is responsible for maintaining the siege of Gaza and who acted frequently as a go-between in the framework of the ‘peace process’ between Israel and the Palestinians, [...]

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