Cyber-Eco Bourgeoisie: Part IV

PART IV After analyzing Cyber-Eco Institutions: Social Identity in the first of a four-part essay in order to establish the thesis for arguing the transformation of the existing social order, in the second part there is analysis of Institutional Challenge that the CEB will be posing to the social order during the 21st century. Ideology [...]

Cyber-Eco Bourgeoisie: Part III

PART III For most of the western world and Asia, the last century has been the most deadly and turbulent politically and socially in human history, while at the same time experiencing unprecedented technological and scientific progress. In my view the last century has been even worse in many respects than the Black Death/Hundred Years [...]

Cyber-Eco Bourgeoisie: Part I

PART I When the Paris-centered 18th-century intellectual revolution (Enlightenment) coincided with the London-centered First Industrial Revolution, the European intelligentsia demanded a political and constitutional system that closes the iniquitous gap between societal contributions of the forward-looking bourgeoisie and the reality of their inferior politically and legally mandated social status that precluded societal progress. Meritocracy needed [...]

Europe’s Werewolves: Roma (Gypsies) on the Run

“Roma” (gypsies) have been Europe’s werewolves for nearly one thousand years. As the mythological werewolf in Hollywood motion pictures is attacking “normal folk” and then running to save its life, “Roma” have that kind of mythological reputation. This is the case even among those who romanticize gypsies as free spirits, exotic dancers and mesmerizing musicians [...]

Gaddafi’s arms suppliers & UN-ICC justice

On 23 March 2011, NATO imposed an arms embargo on Libya, as a precursor to the air strikes that unfolded in the weeks to follow. The action was based on UN Resolution 1973, and according to NATO’s web sites it was intended to ‘This is part of NATO’s contribution to the broad international effort to [...]

Populism, Social Media and the Electoral Victory of Desi Bouterse in 2010

In May 2010, the incumbent Surinamese government handed victory to the Nationale Democratische Partij (NDP) of Desi Bouterse, simply because of their inability to convey that economic progress was well under way, that  sound macro-economic policy making, for the first time since 2000 had stabilized the national currency, that all dept from previous governments had [...]

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