Africa: chronic external dependence or systemic change?

In 1976 Africa’s share of the world’s GNP was 1.2%, but its percentage of population stood at 7.5%. With about 4% of the world’s population the US enjoyed around 25% of GNP. Life expectancy is about 40 years for Africans, while it is almost twice that for Americans and most Westerners and Japanese. Blog this! [...]

Protectionism: US, China and Brazil

Is the US the most free-trade nation on earth as it projects itself, while vilifying other countries or economic blocs like the EU? Is China the most protectionist and most guilty of protectionism? Is Brazil engaged in unfair trade practices to strengthen its own industries, or do Brazil’s protectionist measures protect both domestic and foreign [...]

Mahendra Singh Tikait, a doyen of farmer’s movement in India

The character of farmer’s movements has been a matter of considerable debate since the 1970s and one name that stands tall is Mahendra Singh Tikait a noted Indian farmer leader from western Uttar Pradesh. Called as the savior of farmers in western Uttar Pradesh, Tikait died on 15 May 2011 due to protracted illness from [...]

China’s Innovation Policies – The Real Danger for the U.S Economy???

U.S. experts and politicians are starting to hone into the ‘dangers’ of R&D and technology transfers to China, as the most serious long-term threat to the U.S. economy and national security.  U.S. comparative advantage (innovation and new technologies) is being undermined by outsourcing of manufacturing to China, the relocation of R&D facilities to Chinese tech-parks, [...]

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