Middle East: mid-2011 assessment of Arab Revolts

Mid-point in 2011 the situation in the rebellious Middle East looks very pessimistic for both rebels and governments. The situation in Syria has deteriorated to the point of impossibility of President Assad’s ability to salvage his regime. The blood of thousands cannot be wiped under the rug, and it is only a matter of time [...]

News from the frontlines of the Arab Spring (VIDEOS)

Dead rebel fighters in Misrata are prepared for burial. LIBYA Heavy fighting between pro-Gaddafi troops and rebels broke out in the Libyan city of Zlitan, 160 kilometres east of Tripoli. Ahmed Bani, a military spokesman in Benghazi, told Reuters clashes had broken out in Zlitan on Thursday and resumed on Friday with Gaddafi forces killing [...]

Countering Iran the major factor behind US support for Bahrain: Deepak Tripathi

Deepak Tripathi is a British historian, journalist and researcher who specializes in South and West Asia affairs, terrorism and the United States foreign policy. He was born into a political family in Unnao, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. His grandfather, Pandit Vishwambhar Dayal Tripathi, was a prominent leader in the Indian independence movement and [...]

Sana’a airport closes as fighting intensifies

Fighting in Yemen continues unabated according to various sources, but details are very difficult to get by because of the powercuts and the interruption of communication lines. Reuters confirmed on Thursday that air traffic was halted and Sana’a airport was closed, apparently as a consequence of continued fighting in the north of the capital, where [...]

Yemeni’s fear another day of heavy fighting

The situation in Yemen remains extremely volatile after another day of heavy fighting in Sana’a, the capital. Reuters reported that more than 40 people were killed in street battles in Sanaa on Thursday, the fourth day of the clashes, that broke out after president Saleh on Sunday for the third time refused to sign an [...]

New round of fighting takes 38 lives in Sanaa

The toll of  another day of fighting in the Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, between  forces of the Hased tribal confederatioon and security forces and supporters of president Ali Abdallah Saleh was 38 dead on Wednesday morning, 24 members of the tribes and 14 of the security forces. It seems that some 20 members of [...]

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