UN Genocide-Prevention advisor to visit SA? (VIDEO)

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The United Nations Office of the ‘Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide” named as Mr. Castro de Sanbar, apparently confirmed on this video that a Special UN Mission will visit South Africa at the end of April to investigate the extremely high incidence of murders targetting Afrikaner farmers; and will also investigate Julius Malema’s chant ‘Kill the Boer’ to establish whether he committed the crime of Incitement to Commit Genocide. The UN mission is also according to this recording, investigating whether the Afrikaner-Boers are being targetted by a genocide.

I have today sent a request to the UN office of the Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide to confirm where and when such a visit will take place, and with whom and where they will conduct their enquiries, as this information was not provided by this news-source. Mr Malema is currently on trial at the Equality court in Johannesburg, charged with incitement and hatespeech for his public chanting of the song ‘Kill the Boer’. This trial will last another week.

Interview with the ‘anonymous Rustenburg farmer’ who lodged the formal complaint at the UN:
The unidentified “Rustenburg farmer” has been interviewed only via a telephone connection by Solidarity-Radio and by this newssource below. He said on an earlier video that he had tried to ‘gather funds amongst the farming community to help him lodge the complaint, and was disappointed about the lack of support.” However none of the great many farming-community members I know personally, have ever spoken to him. I have been unable to ascertain whether he even exists except as a voice in a machine. On this video, he said he ‘decided to lodge the complaint at the UN office of the Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide because family members were murdered and that he had also become convinced that his people were being targetted for a deliberate genocide’. Loudable sentiments. Similar charges also were supposedly lodged at the International Criminal Court in The Hague last year, however my enquiries revealed that other than an email, that office in The Hague has not had any personal communications to follow up the complaint with the farmer. He has remained completely anonymous and the majority of journalists who have tried to interview this person, have been unable to reach him.

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