The Ozone Layer Hole: A Geoengineering Repair Option

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Cutting and capping emissions are identified as the standard way to combat global warming; these processes however may not be enough to save the planet from projected effects of Climate Change coming from average temperature rise of the earth.

Geoengineering too is seen as an option because of how quick it will impact the earth climate system than emission curbs which are fairly long term processes in the midst of continuous emissions. Geoengineering or Climate engineering can be described as an artificial procedure directed at excesses responsible for Global Warming to reduce or prevent its effects.

Geoengineering may be necessary in some years from now if Climate Change is clearly seen as cause of disastrous effects to lives and the environment. Geoengineering the earth climate for this requires further studies and measurements to determine the extent it will with regards to a balanced climate system.

The ozone layer responsible to protect planet earth from harmful ultraviolet radiations is located in the stratosphere which is some 20-48km above sea level; it is important for life and contributes in some ways to overall climate condition globally.

Depletion in the ozone layer or the ozone hole was noticed many years back leading to moves against substances pointed to be responsible for this. Ozone Depleting Substances (ODSs) as they are known are class of gases that prompt reaction with ozone gas in the ozone layer to form compounds that cannot protect against harmful ultra violet radiations.

For these substances, nations met severally to reduce and stop their use replacing them with compounds that are not harmful to the ozone layer. Depletion noticed in the ozone and ODSs remaining there according to projections may not fizzle out until the middle of this century.

The ozone layer for the international agreement or Montreal Protocol as it is known is considered as a settled matter. This leaves our option for recovery of the ozone layer to the future. Links of the ozone hole to other environmental issues are researched in studies but it is known to suppress the immune system in man and can cause skin cancer & cataract because it allows harmful ultra violet rays responsible for these to pass.

Geoengineering the ozone layer may never be needed; this however does not stop preparation if options exist for further studies and observations. Oxygen is a very important gas in the ozone layer, because its molecules are involved in reactions to help protect the earth from harmful ultra violet radiations.

Conveying oxygen, using an aerostat or aerodyne to depleted parts of the ozone layer for discharge is a procedure that should heal those parts and block harmful ultra violet radiations from penetrating the earth surface over that area. The mode and approach of this procedure is workable and should be viable when used. A review report presents in details this procedure; it presents how achievable it is since execution is not urgent leaving much time to further review and preparations.

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