Gay rights with global warming and geoengineering

Global warming is real, there are clear evidences, but not everyone believes. Geoengineering, a scientific answer that offer temporary solutions, to prevent temperature rise of the earth to an irreversible level, is facing opposition because of its risks. Gay rights in our present world is touchy, many are revealing, expecting acceptance, for further legalization. The [...]

Geoengineering: SPICE died. What Won’t?

The subject of geoengineering is complex, but this should not be the case for information-sharing about it. Geoengineering will remain confused and complicated, and even more, for most people if there are no information sources or encyclopedia-like sources for the subject. “What of several news-homes on geoengineering or institution reports on the subject” you may [...]

Regulating Geoengineering Research

Policy and governance concerns are priorities atop geoengineering preference scale for now. The science, though upcoming, is easily overcome by findings of different sort, but dealing with processes & results as policy issues, and control as governance issues appear to be more important since one earth is involved and the biosphere also is. Deployment of [...]

Thinking Geoengineering

The Climate Vulnerable Forum has a number of sidelines events in the ongoing UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, in Brazil, to discuss their position and expectation from the conference. The Forum consists of a group of developing nations that have high stakes in climate change matters; this includes nations from Africa, Asia and the [...]

Some CDR Geoengineering technologies will delight Africa

It’s the season of rain in Africa like in some parts of the world, and a time for cold winds for most of the sub-Saharan. It’s a time that farmers look forward to and a time that prices for certain commodities change. It’s also a time that communities prone to floods and erosion are chary, [...]

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