Five people were executed in Iran

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Five people were hanged in two different Iranian prisons reported the Iranian state media. According to the state run Iranian news agency Fars, two prisoners were hanged in the prison of Qom (south of Tehran) yesterday morning November 11. The prisoners were identified as “J. S.” (67 years old) convicted of carrying 13 kilos and 70 grams of crack, and “M. T.” (32 years old) convicted of keeping and carrying 4965 grams of crack, said the report. The executions took place yesterday November 11 in the Qom prison.

Fars news agency reported that three prisoners were lashed 60 times and then hanged in the prison of Qazvin (west of Tehran) early this morning. According to the report three men identified as “S. D.” convicted of kidnapping, rape and participation in robbery sentenced to execution, 15 years in prison and 60 lashes; “A. Sh.” convicted of kidnapping, rape and intentional assaults sentenced to execution, 60 lashes and 13 years in prison; and “S. A.” convicted of kidnapping, participation in robbery and rape sentenced to 15 years in prison, 60 lashes and execution. The prisoners were 30, 23 and 30 years old respectively.

A fourth prisoner identified as “M. D.” sentenced to 13 years in prison and 74 lashes convicted of kidnapping and immoral relationship.

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  1. ehsan
    november 18th, 2011 @ 08:56

    they were literally merited to execution.thnx google

  2. ehsan
    november 18th, 2011 @ 09:02

    sorry.i correct my last comment.they were literally meritorious to execution.

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