Three prisoners were executed in Iran today- One of them executed only two weeks after committing an alleged offence

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Three prisoners were hanged in three different prisons in Iran early this morning October 24, reported the Iranian state media. According to the official Iranian news agency IRNA, one unidentified prisoner was hanged in the prison of Ardebil (northwestern Iran) this morning. The prisoner was convicted of buying and carrying 488 grams and 25 centigrams of heroin according to the report.

The state run Fars news agency reported that one prisoner was hanged in the prison of Jam (southern Iran) this morning. The prisoner was identified as Ali Rafeipour who was convicted of murdering a security officer by the name Mazaher Rahimi in 2003. The report didn’t mention who old Ali Rafeipour was at the time of the alleged offence. Another prisoner who was scheduled to be executed in the prison of Jam for murdering to people, was forgiven by the mother of the victims, said the report.

A third prisoner was hanged in the town of Khoramdareh (west of Iran) this morning, reported the German news agency Deutche Welle, couting the Fars news agency. The prisoner who was identified as “R. Sh.” (age not known), was convicted of murdering another security officer identified as Behzad Jafari.

According to the Fars news agency “R. Sh.” has murdered the security officer Behzad Jafari on October 8th. two weeks before the execution.

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