Suicide Hitler not proven (inductive logic)

The death of Osama gave me the urgent need to examine the death of an other terrorist and dictator: Adolf Hitler.

In my opinion, Hitler’s suicide is not proven. In 2009, his so-called skull was examined by the University of Connecticut and DNA analysis, bone’s identity and dental confirmation proved it belonged to a woman, aged 20 to 40. The remains of Hitler’s body was burned by the Soviets in 1970. It’s still a mystery why.

Several websites dispute Hitler’s death, with complot theories emphasizing a hoax. Only one movie about his so-called body exist. I took two stills which are slightly unclear (photo 1 and 2). Look at his ears.

Photo 1

Photo 1


Photo 2

Photo 2






Photo 3

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 4

For comparisation, I give you two photo’s of Hitler when he was alive (photo 3 and 4).

As an investigation technique, forensics are using ear identification, also known as Forensic Ear Identification (FEARID). Anthropological research includes the understanding of ear prints like a finger print. I have noticed different ears at Hitler’s death body and when he was alive.

The first two photo’s of Hitler’s body show ears like Spock in Star Trek. Besides the pointed ears, two details do not match (see number 1 and 2 in picture).


Detail number 1 is in particular visible in photo 1. This spot on the ‘death’ ear is to broad compared with the ‘alive’ ear (photo 3).

Detail number 2 is about Hitler’s earlobe. The death Hitler shows no earlobe, but the alive Hitler has a tiny one.

Furthermore, Hitler’s death face looks to good after it has been burned with gasoline. For example, the burned corpse of Paul Josef Goebbels (see picture).

H6Also striking is his three-piece costume which is non-military. Witnesses during his last hours explained that he wore his army costume. I can come up with only one conclusion: photo number 1 and 2 are not of Adolf Hitler.

In fact, I saw pictures of a burned corps, apparently of Hitler. It was in my history book during secondary education, but nowadays these photo’s are unable to find in any book, through the Internet or in whatever archive. I wonder why? Anyhow, only the last henchmen of Hitler confirmed that Hitler comitted suicide after which his body is burned. These henchmen were the most fanatical Nazis, so not a reliable source. Perhaps they had every reason to lie (a final order?!?!). I can come up with two motives of the suicide story. The Germans wanted us to believe he committed suicide so he could fly or the Russians could not find him and made it up. The Russians could have two reasons for this. First, to override the German command structure in order to enforce a total and acute surrender. Second, the symbolic value as a gift to the Russian people that suffered so much. Who would believe that der Fuhrer is dead, without showing it? The Russians needed a showpiece, a gimmie. For mass psychological and for political reasons.

Black ravens
The German logician Carl Gustav Hempel illustrated inductive logic. Hempel describes the paradox in terms of the hypothesis:
(1) All ravens are black.

If so, this statement is equivalent to:
(2) Everything that is not black is not a raven.

For example, if we would look at a green apple, we are able to conclude that all ravens are still black. This implies that we obtain information about ravens by just looking at an apple.

We can expand this theory with the following argumentation: if we find a white raven, we may conclude two things:
3) not all ravens are black
4) all ravens are black except that one raven.

(Black Raven =BR; White Raven=WR)
Statement 1 and 2 are in general TRUE. We can only falsify this hypothesis, based on statement 3. The theory of the black and white raven goes like this: there is only one universum (=BR), until another one is found (=WR). Life only exists when breathing oxygen (=BR), until another life form is found (=WR). People do not become 200 years old (=BR), until it is no problem (=WR). Atoms and molecules exist (=BR), until we find a different truth (=WR). AIDS is incurable (=BR), until we find a cure (=WR). JF Kennedy is not shot by one man called Lee Harvey Oswald (=BR), until the One Bullet Theory is proven to be true. Et Cetra.

In order to prevent the effect of statement 4 (and thus endorsing statement 3), we need hard solid evidence and preferably by means of triangulation (=proven from at least three approaches). So, witness reports by Hitler’s last and most fanatical henchmen are not solid and based on triangulation. When I follow this logical reasoning, I can only conclude that there is no proof of Hitler’s suicide, therefore he did not die on April 30, 1945. The scientific evidence of the University of Connecticut supports these findings.

At present-day, the death of Osama reveals the same mysteries. We should only look at evidence, not to recognised official governmental statements. I guess, it’s okay to claim that Osama is killed and Hitler committed suicide. For me, these are very realistic interpretations. But, and this is very important, these interpretations are not proven. We should say: ‘we do not know what happened to Hitler, but probably he committed suicide’. Anything else is a created reality, a hollow phrase. I don’t know of any reputable historian who claims that Hitler didn’t killed himself….but this is not a valid evidence. This makes it plausible, yes that’s true. These historians are most likely correct, but it remains to much based on witness reports. I am surprised that these so-called solid witnesses, could not point out Hitler’s corps. It seems that all these years, the Russians had the wrong body.

Did Hitler committed suicide? Yes. Are we sure? No. Where these witnesses wrong? There are masses of people seeing the same UFO in the samen shape, colour and speed, but after a while it just shows to be a simple military study of an object with different shape, colour and speed. It is easy to fool a handful of people. We just miss some pathological evidence. A pitty.

Who decides when and what will be a black raven? Political media/propaganda is a birthplace of fake black ravens. For ordinary plebs, false assumptions becomes true. Horses are blue, chickens are scuba divers and electric outlets reproduce. Why not?

Portret 2

AUTHOR: H.R.J. Sluijter MA
E-MAIL: info [at]

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