“Arab Spring and Western-Islam relations”

In several postings throughout spring and summer 2011 (see the postings entitled: Western co-optation of Arab Revolts – April 2011; Middle East: mid-2011 Assessment of Arab Revolts, June 2011), I emphasized that the Arab revolts would not necessarily result in regimes that are accountable to their own people, but more likely to Western governments and [...]

Political situation in Egypt unclear after fresh round of heavy fighting leaves 10 dead and 1700 wounded

Fresh waves of protests started throughout Egypt after clashes between police and protesters refusing to leave Tahrir Square on Saturday left two dead and 676 injured as police violence escalated a few days before parliamentary elections. The police’s decision to evacuate Tahrir Square early Saturday morning backfired, as their heavy-handed tactics against the small overnight [...]

Islamists versus the army, a new phenomenon in Egypt (VIDEO)

Hundreds of thousand of people all over Egypt have demonstrated on Friday, according to Al Ahram, against the way the military is handling the expected handover of the power to civilian institutions. The main ire of the protesters was directed towards a document about the make-up of a constituent assemble that has to be formed [...]

Why the Arab Spring should not Fear Tribalism and Factionalism – Institutionalizing Diversity

Ever since the people of the Arab world, from Iran to Morocco, started rising up against their authoritarian and dictatorial regimes demanding accountability and representation, a lot has been said about the perils and obstacles of their undertaking. From historical and cultural legacies, to economic and political shortcomings, nothing looms as a larger obstacle than [...]

And again a victim of torture in Egypt

And again a man was tortured to death by Egyptian security forces. This time it was the prison authorities at Torah prison in Cairo who killed a 24 year old man, Essam Ali Atta Ali. He died Thursday night at Qasr El-Eini hospital in Cairo. Essam Atta was sentenced to two years in jail by [...]

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