Yemeni children continue to be caught in the crossfires of conflict

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Children face a number of battles growing-up, however all of the hurdles and challenges of a normal childhood are increasingly compounded by conflict.  The children of Yemen are no strangers to adversity, however the challenges of childhood seem are growing more drastic as the the county’s conflict grows more deadly.

Recent anti-government demonstrations have turned deadly as government forces reacted violently to protesters, filling the streets with gunfire and tear gas.  The attacks have left dozens of children dead, according to reports.   Children are also being forcibly conscripted as child soldiers.

Protests and attacks, which began in early Febuary, have caused a serious impeedment of children’s access to education, in addition many parents are taking their children to demonstrations and placing them at increased risk.  On March 18th there was large scale attack on porotesters that left 52 dead, at least two of which were children.  The attacks on demonstrators from Febuary to late March have resulted in the reported deaths of 19 children. “This is an estimated 20 per cent of the total number of casualties, and is “absolutely alarming,” according to UNICEF Child Protection Specialist George Abu-Zulof (UNICEF)”.

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