Child labour in a state owned biscuit factory

Biscuit factory
Muslim Town in the south of India, millions of mobs between rice fields, crossroads of trade silver, the core of global software industry and a spectacle of light in the Golconda Fort: this is Hyderabad. For a western guy, this is not a well-known cosmopolitan, but the area contains 7.7 million residents (7 times Amsterdam). In other words: this city is grotesque. Some years ago I talked with activist K. Satyanarayana Rao of the M. Venkatarangaiya Foundation, better known as MV Foundation. According to their website: "Based on the non-negotiable principle that ‘no child works and every c...

Child Labour & recycling of batteries

* Black dust resulting in carbon black tattoos. Fiction or reality? * Toxic heavy metals resulting in 94 symptoms. True or false? WHAT'S IN A BATTERY? There are two different types of batteries: primary and secondary. The chemical reactions that occur in primary batteries are irreversible, the stored energy can be used only once making the battery disposable. The chemical reactions that occur in secondary batteries are however reversible. These batteries can be recharged many times and gradually lose the ability to take and release energy. There are many types of household batteries ...