Weatherman sounds alert on Northern Kenya, compares coming season to devastating 2009

The Kenya meteorological department is predicting below normal rainfall for the North eastern Province for the March, April and May period, a fact that calls upon the government to prepare for emergencies. At a forum that brought together climate scientists from the KMD, community representatives and leaders (including traditional forecasters, religious leaders, chiefs, women leaders, [...]

Mountain Perspective and India’s Water Policy

In this article suggestions have been given to the government of India in context to its draft National Water Policy 2012 towards water resource planning, development and management in the Mountains of India. This policy document talks about national level water related issues like; legal, usage, climate change adaptation, availability, management, pricing, infrastructure, planning, R [...]

Controlling Erosion In Nigeria

Erosion is defined as the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down like particles washing over it. It can be caused by water, wind, ice and gravity; what is predominant in South East Nigeria is erosion caused by water called gully erosion which is erosion where water accumulates over short periods of time in [...]

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      May 1, 2012
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      April 27, 2012
    • Conviction of Charles Taylor a milestone in international criminal law

      April 26, 2012
    • Commissioner Piebalgs in Kenya to boost EU response to food insecurity in the region

    • EU development cooperation with Kenya

    • Commissioner Piebalgs in Kenya to boost EU response to food insecurity in the region

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  • Global Peacekeeping Missions on NL-Aid

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