Show the World Your Friends and They Will Know Who You Are

Birds of a feather flock together, is a cliche, so true! Like mindedness is the foundation for friendship and co-operation. The international community exists because of similarities, and any form of conflict is ironed through an intricate legal framework. The tiered structure of the international community, signify the inner trappings between the haves and the [...]

Political Prisoners Freed as Senator McConnell visits Burma

In another sign that the new government in Burma is committed to political reform, the regime today released 650 political prisoners, including prominent leaders of the 1988 student-led democracy movement, Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, and Nilar Thein. In addition former Prime Minister Khin Nyunt was released from the house arrest imposed upon him [...]

INTERVIEW: No Political System Can Function Without a Free Press: Mark Kingwell

Prof. Mark Kingwell is a world renowned Canadian author and philosopher. He is the associate chair at University of Toronto’s Department of Philosophy. Kingwell is a fellow of Trinity College. He specializes in theories of politics and culture. Kingwell has published twelve books, most notably, A Civil Tongue: Justice, Dialogue, and the Politics of Pluralism, [...]

Clinton’s Visit to Burma: A Historic Occasion?

Whatever you might think, however skeptical you might be, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Burma this week is a historic moment. The last Secretary of State to visit Burma was John Foster Dulles in 1955, just seven years before the military coup that would usher in Burma’s disastrous experiment with socialism under General [...]

From Ireland’s Bloody Sunday to Egypt’s

Solidarity messages were received from Ireland… First one from Eamonn McCann, a leading Irish journalist, socialist and one of the legendary figures in the country’s civil rights movement… On January 30 1972, British paratroopers opened fire on unarmed civil rights demonstrators in Derry in Northern Ireland, killing 14 people and wounding 14 others. The day [...]

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    • Rule of law in Ukraine urgently needs improving

      May 1, 2012
    • New police training group launched in Kunduz

      May 1, 2012
    • Rosenthal: Many business opportunities in Southeast Asia

      May 1, 2012
    • Commissioner Piebalgs in Kenya to boost EU response to food insecurity in the region

    • EU development cooperation with Kenya

    • Commissioner Piebalgs in Kenya to boost EU response to food insecurity in the region

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