AgriBusiness Forum to propel Africa’s Food sector to the centre of development

An annual pan-African AgriBusiness Forum set for Dakar, Senegal plans to address efforts to boost Africa’s agriculture through partnership, investment and technology. The forum will spotlight the financing of Africa’s agriculture, with a session entitled ‘How to Finance African Agriculture’. Public-private partnerships are imperative for leveraging the needed funds; sharing the risks of investments; and [...]

Namibia awarded for protecting marine biological diversity

Namibia’s Marine Resources Act has won Silver in the 2012 Future Policy Award. The jury stressed that the Act has served to institute an economically and ecologically viable fishing industry in the African country. The 2012 Future Policy Award highlights exemplary solutions to protect the world’s oceans and is initiated by the World Future Council, [...]

INDIA: Odisha’s district to have land rights centres for women

In a pioneering policy move to provide secure land rights to poor women, Odisha’s Ganjam District administration has announced creation of exclusive centres that will reach out to single mothers, separated women, and widows, across its 22 administrative divisions. The path-breaking announcement has come after a year long advocacy effort of showcasing gains of a [...]

Fisheries for Sustainable Fishers: Caribbean Fishers Leading the Way

In November the 64th annual meeting of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) took place in Cancun, Mexico. This event is the largest annual gathering of scientists, researchers, fishers and natural resource managers in the wider Caribbean region, with over 300 participants from 38 countries or island groups. The meeting served as a unique [...]

Food Production and UN Millennium Development Goals

Food crises are jeopardizing efforts to achieve the United Nations’ millennium development goal of halving the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by 2015. According to an annual report on world hunger, food price volatility is likely to continue and perhaps even increase, making poor farmers, consumers and countries more vulnerable to poverty and [...]

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