Singapore: Commute Yong Vui Kong’s Death Sentence

His Excellency Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam, Singapore Dear President Tan Keng Yam, I am William Nicholas Gomes, Human Rights Ambassador for Salem I write to urge you to use your powers as president to commute Yong Vui Kong’s death sentence. Yong, a Malaysian national, was convicted on November 14, 2008, for drug trafficking. [...]

Peru: Support of the right to voluntary, effective treatment for all those who need it

* Rosa Mávila León, President, Commission on Social Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities * Segundo Leocadio Tapia Bernal, President, Commission on Health and Population I understand the Commission on Health and Population and the Commission on Social Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities have opposing positions regarding Law Project 418/2011, which proposes to derogate Law No. [...]

Cambodia: Right to freedom of assembly has been severely

  H.E. Ang Vong Vathna, Minister of Justice H.E. Sar Kheng, Minister of Interior Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia Re: Cambodia: Right to freedom of assembly has been severely violated Your Excellencies, I write to you to express our grave concerns regarding the shooting of three female garment workers in the Bavet town of Svay [...]

Peru: Laws threaten fundamental human rights of People with drug dependence

Daniel Abugattás Majluf (President of Congress), Juan F. Jiménez Mayor (Minister of Justice and Human Rights), Dr. Carlos Alberto Tejada Noriega (Minister of Health) Re: Peru: Laws threaten fundamental human rights of People with Drug Dependence Dear Sirs, I am writing to express my concern about Law No. 29737 and related provisions in Peruvian law [...]

UK- Ugandan Diaspora’s reaction to recent arrests and detention

2012 brings a lot of uncertainty in Uganda as the year is already mirrored by violent, unjustified brutal arrests of opposition leaders and Activists for Change(A4C) who have taken action to draw attention to the unbearable rising cost of living, aggravated by rampant corruption, high inflation rates and bad governance by the NRM Government and [...]

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