KWS denies ‘sitting’ on Wildlife Bill

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Wednesday denied allegations fronted by wildlife activists that it is sitting on the Wildlife Bill. Speaking at the ongoing first Africa Science Journalists conference currently going on in Nakuru, Kenya, Paul Mbugua, Assistant director in charge of conservation education said KWS may have played a role in its development but does not [...]

IV International Wildlife Management Congress 2012

On July 9-12, 2012 in Durban, South Africa an event will be held for Wildlife Professionals. This event will explore rising world population, competition for resources and space between humans and wildlife. Today, human-wildlife interactions are more common than ever before. In an effort to retain vital biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, we need to explore [...]

American institute grants forensic equipment to Kenya Wildlife agency

The Sackier Institute for Comparative Genomics of the American Museums of Natural History pledged to support the Kenya Wildlife Service’s plans to construct the state-of-the-art forensic and genetic laboratory in Nairobi. The institute has pledged to give equipment worth Sh16 million (US$178,000). Dr. George Amato, the Institute’s director, also pledged to support training, collaborative research, [...]

Cameroon: Rendering domestic timber market operational

An information campaign recently launched in the port city of Douala seeks to enhance the processing of timber. The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Philip Ngole Ngwese, has launched an information campaign and awareness-raising about the organization, operation and implementation of Cameroon’s Domestic Timber Market, known by its French acronym as MIB, in a bid [...]

New landfill that can kill us (VIDEO)

Much of the water crisis that we normally talk about and argue on is centered around freshwater or the blue water and most aspects of global threats about water are linked with irrigation, food production, ground water abstraction, water intensive production of consumer durables, urban demands, health and diseases, lack of drinking water and water [...]

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