Volvo misses the mark on responsibility for the protection of human rights

  In December I wrote about the use of Volvo and Hyundai equipment in the demolition of Palestinian homes in Beit Hanina, occupied East Jerusalem. The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre in London invited Hyundai and the Volvo Group to respond to my blog. While Hyundai kept silent, Volvo wrote, “We understand your reaction [...]

Sudan: The Southern Sudan pie

[A special investigative journalism assignment fully supported by the Taco Kuiper Grant for Investigative Journalism] Everyone wants a piece of the pie that is Juba, South Sudan. Almost a year before the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed in Nairobi Kenya intense lobbying had begun. The signing of the CPA on 9th January 2005 unleashed [...]

MTN Uganda dominating in the telecommunications industry

MTN Uganda has become one of the best leading Telecommunications companies in the country. MTN which launched its commercial services On October 21 1998 in Uganda after CELTEL,ZAIN and now AIRTEL, just six months after acquiring and signing of the license, has since grown to be the leading Telecommunications Company in Uganda servicing in excess [...]

G8 Agenda – Trade Promotion for the ‘Arab Spring’!

This week the members of the G8 will hold their annual meeting in Deauville France, to discuss issues ranging from non-proliferation and counter-terrorism to the internet and transatlantic cocaine trafficking.  Although these are all very important issues, the only agenda topic that matters is the ‘Arab Spring’ and how some of the eight wealthier nations [...]

China’s Innovation Policies – The Real Danger for the U.S Economy???

U.S. experts and politicians are starting to hone into the ‘dangers’ of R&D and technology transfers to China, as the most serious long-term threat to the U.S. economy and national security.  U.S. comparative advantage (innovation and new technologies) is being undermined by outsourcing of manufacturing to China, the relocation of R&D facilities to Chinese tech-parks, [...]

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