Nigeria’s energy future: climate change & preparations from now

Climate change for its mitigation objective is driving a new trend around the world for energy efficiency; this submits that new solutions are sought in direction of power generation and low carbon transport. Nigeria recently benefitted from UK’s Climate Fund for low carbon public transport and energy efficiency. The funds came about to propel Nigeria [...]

How Green can be the Green India Mission?

One of the 8 Missions under National action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) is Green India Mission (GIM). Its draft Mission document states the main objective as doubling the area for afforestation in next 10 years. This mission has a budgetary proposal of Rs. 40,000 crores. As a novel initiative the Ministry of Environment and [...]

Global Warming, CDM and Coal Power Plants

Global warming has been considered as the existential threat for the man kind. The global community has identified many responses to reduce the impact of global warming; effectively reducing the emissions from coal burning is a major step in this regard. Coal power plants, which are considered to be the major source of Green House [...]

Africa Industrialization Day: Leapfrogging with Sustainable Energy

November 20th is Africa Industrialization Day, but unlike much of the rest of the world, development on this continent is proving to be far more sustainable. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his message for Africa Industrialization Day, “Approximately 600 million people in Africa still live without access to affordable and sustainable modern energy, and rely [...]

South Africa and the Rise of Renewable Energy on the Continent

Two of the largest renewable energy projects ever attempted are being built on the African continent. The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors have approved $250 million in funding for the Eskom Renewables Energy Support Project (ERSP) to help implement major solar and wind power projects in South Africa. The new financing complements the US$260 [...]

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