Open International Auction to obtain the License on Exploration and Exploitation of Kerogene (Oil Shale)

Dear all, I would like to inform you that the Government of Georgia represented by the Agency of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia, acting in accordance with the Georgian Law on Oil and Gas is announcing an Open International Auction to obtain the License on Exploration and Exploitation [...]

Georgia: Announcement of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia

DOCUMENTS FROM THE EMBASSY OF GEORGIA TO THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS Weekly Economic Digest of 29 August – 2 September 2011 The Agency of Natural Resources conducts the auction to obtain a license on mineral (Ferrous, Noble, Precious metals and Barite) exploration and extraction. The auction will be held on the 26th September and [...]

Tanzania: Dr Cooksey speaks on eradication of poverty

Proper management of resources and eradication of corruption could remove Tanzania from abject poverty very fast. This was a key statement from Dr Brian Cooksey of the Tanzania Development Research Group (TADREG). He was presenting his paper titled Governance and Rent Seeking in Tanzania: Beyond the Corruption Agenda? At British Council in a breakfast debate [...]

CEMEX tries to reason away complicity in Israeli violations of international law (VIDEO)

In May, The Electronic Intifada documented the illegal mining and the transportation of construction material from Yatir and Nahal Raba quarries in the occupied West Bank into Israel. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre in London published the article and invited CEMEX and Heidelberg Cement to respond. Heidelberg Cement remained silent, but CEMEX tried to [...]

CHILE: Why Codelco will also fail in Intag

I recently had a look at the government’s brand new mining development plan for 20II-20I5. Junin is mentioned several times, not just as having an incredible 40% of the country’s mineral wealth (supposedly 84 billion dollars worth- quite a stretch!!), but also because the government thinks it can start working in Junin in 2012. Where [...]

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