NEPAL: Youths take to streets saying no to Ethnic based federalism (VIDEO)

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Shouting and chanting slogans of unity and sovereignty, a group of youth activists came out on streets voicing and protesting against the about to be enacted ethnic based federalism in Nepal. From the past four years Nepal has been trying to establish a stable system through its constitution and adaptation of the new federalism practice. With huge complication and controversy, the constitution and the aspect of federalism practice has always been controversial to its adaptability and sustainability.

The Nepal government has already announced the provincial structure to be 11, and there would be 371 Parliamentary members in the central government. Out of the total 371 members 171 members would be elected by general election, from upper house 60 members would be elected and remaining 140 members would be elected on the basis of proportion.

After the announcement, the government has been holding its cards in regards to the type of the federalism that would be enacted. Though a lot of controversy has been raised regarding the ethnic base federalism practice, the concept of using capacity or identity as the basis has strongly come up against the ethnic based federalism practice.

The program was organized by a facebook event, “Unity and No to ethnic based federalism”

Ram Shah one of the youth activist said, “Ethnic based federalism is not right for our country, we believe in unity and dividing our country in the name of cast and culture does not sound good. We believe in unity and it’s the essence of being a Nepali that is what matter than to which cast or creed he/she belongs to.”

In a research conducted by Nepal unites on facebook regarding the practice of ethnic based federalism, 17,811 participants votes no to ethnic based federalism, 711 votes yes and 243 answer don’t know.

Trishna Singh Bhandari, another youth activist said, “I came here because, I love my country Nepal. From my childhood, I have grown up being amazed with the essence of my country. The patriotism, the history, and everything attached to Nepal, now I see all these things are fading away slowly, so not only for unity but to show my love towards my country and to feel the exact feelings of my childhood. I came to join this great event and I look forward for many more to come.”

AUTHOR: Shreedeep Rayamajhi
E-MAIL: weaker41 [at]


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