No electricity, No recharging then what do you expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kathmandu the capital of Nepal has a new power cut schedule of 14 hrs, Can you dig that. Absurd or eccentric, whatever you might say but hey this is reality which curses upon us kathmanduties. From our high tech life style to the iphones and other gadgets, things are really taking its toll, no electricity means everything dead not just for us but for the use of other application of ICT, a question for all what is the use when there is no electricity for recharging. To consider more, Nepal is considered the 2nd largest country in the world for fresh water resource and still we have a crisis of water supply and ELECTRICITY. Funny part is we read that in our official text books and most of the times we sincerely fail to recognize this. We have it written it down in words but when it comes to action, we just slug out to say, we are under developed or improvised. This is how we all make a Nepal mentality there is everything but it’s too hard make it work.

On contrary, our natural resources have given us such an entrepreneurship opportunity that we can just tap the water and sell it to any country in the world with the label of “MINERAL WATER” and still we say we are under developed. The thing we lack is our own standing where our prime minister goes and checks food quality at highway side hotels but he fails to realize this opportunity that can change the lives of each and every individual NEPALI.

Now getting back to my topic, Nepal Electricity Authority, the great NEA has published a news schedule saying this is the time for power cut. Ground reality they give us so less electricity that they should publish something like power on schedule at least people would be prepared for that time to do their necessary charging. After all we all need to charge our batteries ;)

Giving a relative light to the topic one can imagine 14hrs of power cut and how it feels with nothing to do except for to think and think endless doing nothing. Crap the productive side of the power cut may further result in the sales of CONDOMS reasoning the productive side of power cuts. I believe now the TV commercials will also highlight the use of black outs and market themselves. Think logically and it will prove you to be worth understanding the population will certainly increase with people to do nothing especially at nights except to tuck into your bed and get laid.

On a serious note the current schedule focuses on day time light working hours, what about nights?

What are we suppose to do, when it falls dark?

Reality is electricity is needed the most at night times for every good reason and in the new schedule it has been slacked. We cannot ignore the fact that during the night time that’s when the illegal activities are bound to happen that’s when we need the lights the most.

The recent close down of the Marshangdi Power Plant only shows the political manipulation and conditions happening. Why our ministers are so into getting the thermal plant rather than making use of what is available. Remember we just signed the COP 17 where we mentioned to abide by the pollution emission rate and producing more GHS would it be ethical in context of bringing the money against fighting the climate change. On the same proposing the use of a thermal plant seems completely double standard which our ministers and policy makers should know. ……………..

Technically looking at it from resources point of view, I’m just trying to understand the situation of low water levels at the reservoirs but looking back at the trend how can one even try to understand that few weeks back the power cuts were 4 hrs and within few weeks its 14 hrs it completely impractical.

May be it’s the new strategy of the bureaucracy to hold up the new proposal for thermal plant. One can clearly imagine the investment and money involved. So is it bound to happen for the sake of money but is at what cost is a question that stands tall. Options are less and the sky is blue let’s see what up when it comes to you……

AUTHOR: Shreedeep Rayamajhi
E-MAIL: weaker41 [at]


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