The Anatomy of an Earthquakes, and Tsunami

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Type One Earthquakes
Earthquakes are caused by the build up of excessive pressure in the upper, and lower crust, and upper Mantle. There are two types of earthquakes. Type one is called volcanic earthquakes, and type two is called natural gas earthquakes, but both types are due to excess pressure. Hydrocarbons (crude oil, and natural gas) create the excess pressure, and are directly, and indirectly responsible for both types of earthquakes, and play a major role in the functionality of this planet. Type one is caused by volcanic activity, like the type that occurred in Mt. Fuji (Japan), Mt. Krakatau (Indonesia), and Mt. Mauna Loa (Hawaii), etc. I call these type of earthquakes volcanic earth quakes.

Mt. Krakatau eruption in 1883, and was so powerful it generated strong earthquakes, which generated a tsunamis, so large it killed tens thousands of people, and Mt. Fuji has generated many earthquakes, and tsunamis over the centuries, and so has Mt. Mauna Loa. The debris, lava, and pressures from volcanoes originate from the earth’s lower mantle, and liquid outer core, and is forced up through volcanic pathways to the volcano’s magma chamber. Gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride gases, and the high pressure are all by-products of crude oil, and natural gases. Hundreds of thousands of pounds per square inch of pressure is generated by the combustion of these hydrocarbons in the lower mantle, and liquid outer core. The pressure, lava, and the debris is forced up through volcanic pathways to the volcano’s magma chamber, where the pressure become so great it blow off the top of the volcanoes. These types earthquakes are due to the volcano not given way to the tremendous pressure easily. Sometimes the pathway, and magma chamber can’t handle the surge of pressure forced up from the lower mantle of this planet. The pressure in the magma chamber, and volcanic pathways become, so excessive it moves the crust. Sometimes the pressure pushes the crust apart, laterally, or upwards. If this upward movement of the crust occur in a large body of water a tidal waves (tsunamis) will be generated. Earth quakes generated by volcanoes activity can’t be controlled. Volcanoes are the earth’s exhaust system, and it regulates the pressure in the lower mantle. The core is the earth’s engine, it generates the earth’s magnetic field, which protect, and sustains all life on this planet. The temperature in the core is determined by the amount of hydrocarbons forced into it. As you can tell the epicenter of an earthquake generated by a volcanic activity is within the volcano.

Type Two Earthquakes
The type 2 earth quake are the most common of the two, and are caused by excessive pressure in underground natural gas, and/ or crude oil wells. These types of earth quakes have occurred in South America, Central America, California, Northern Texas, Alaska, China, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, the Middle East, and during the December-2004 earthquake, and tsunami in the Indian Ocean, etc. All these places have experience earthquakes, and all these places have natural gas, and/or crude oil wells beneath the ground in the area where the earth quakes occurred, this is a very important point to remember. These natural gas, and/ or crude oil wells are located all around the planet. I believe there is crude oil, and methane gas wells in the countries of Haiti, and Chile, because there are no volcanoes in the immediate vicinity. These earthquakes are caused by the ignition of large pockets of natural gases. Natural gas is a very volatile gas once it is ignited. Once the gas is ignited it explodes, and expands, and push the crust apart, laterally, and / or upwards. Lateral, and upward movements of the crust can occur on land, or on the ocean floor. If upward movement of the crust occurs in a large body of water, a tsunami be generated. The size of the tsunami will depend on the area that’s push upward, and the speed at which the ocean floor was pushed up. These types of earthquakes can be controlled. To reduce the possibility of these types of earth quakes/ tsunamis, reduce the volume of natural gas in the natural gas/ crude oil well that generated the earthquakes. This will weaken any future earth quakes, or totally eliminate them all together. Caution, natural gas, and crude oil wells are part of the earth’s fuel systems. The pressure in natural gas, and crude oil well forces the crude oil, and natural gas into the lower mantle, and liquid outer core of this planet, where it combusted long before, it reaches the outer core. This in turn sustains the high temperature in the outer core (the earth’s engine). The more hydrocarbons forced into the outer core,and lower mantle the higher the temperature in the inner core, and the stronger, more violent volcanic eruptions, and the more stronger the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field sustains all life in this bio-sphere called earth. The pressure is generated in the lower mantle, and outer core of this planet, and is forced back up into the crude oil,and natural gas well. Tact tonic plates, and faults don’t cause earth quakes, because they can’t move on their own.

An Artificially Triggered Earthquakes
There are large pockets of natural gas wells all around this planet, including beneath the ocean floor. In nature the ignition source that’s responsible for earthquakes are large, hot, and the gases are expose to the ignition source for long periods of time. This allows enough natural gas to be ignited, and create enough pressure to move the crust. This is what happens when the natural gas come in contact with high temperatures in the lower mantle. These temperatures are above the flash point of natural gas, and crude oil. The powerful explosion (the epicenter) is silenced by the surrounding rock, and soil. That’s why the powerful blast can’t be heard by people on the surface. The explosion from the natural gas, and the epicenter are one in the same. It’s the explosion (the epicenter) that causes the shock waves, and it the expanding natural gases that causes the earthquakes. The shock waves from the explosion is picked up by richter magnitude scales. The richter scales pinpoint where the natural gas explosion (epicenter) took place. It is possible to drill down in the area of the epicenter of the last earthquake, and tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, and artificial create another earthquake, and tsunami by following the instructions below. The gas will explode, expand, and move the crust. Pressure is the anatomy of an earthquake, and tsunami.

To artificially trigger an earthquake, and tsunami locate, and drill down into a large underground crude oil, and/ or natural gas well, and pump a large volume of air into the well for one to five days. insert a spark plug into the drill pipe, with the electrode protruding out on the side of the drill pipe.Now, fill the drill pipe with an air, and gas mixture. Now, sent electricity to the spark plug. The flames will travel down into the gas well, and ignite the air, and gas mixture inside the natural gas well. The large volume of natural gas will explode, and expand, and push the crust apart, or upwards, which will be seen as an earth quake. If a large area is pushed upwards in a large volume of water a tsunami will be generated, just like the December-2004 Indian earth quake, and tsunami. If someone were to ignite the gas in the Indian Ocean crude oil, and natural gas well another earth quake, and tsunami would be generated.

To prevent an earthquakes locate the gas in the area of the last earthquake, and drill down into the reservoir, and release the gas. The gas can be liquefied, and sold on the open market. Reducing the volume within the natural gas well will greatly decrease the possibility of another earthquake.

To detect type two earth quakes install a pressure gauges with an alarm assembly in the drill pipe, when the pressure in the drill pipe, and natural gas well reaches a certain point the alarm will sound. This system will detect an earthquake, before it actually occurs. Unfortunately, earth quakes, and volcanic activity are signs of a healthy planet. The stronger they are the healthier the planet.Type two earth quakes can be used as weapons. Earthquake for in land areas, and tsunamis for coastal area. Prove me wrong if you dare!

AUTHOR: Mr. Willie McDonald
E-MAIL: cdnld30 [at]


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  1. nandhini
    februari 6th, 2012 @ 09:28

    sir,i learned many information and quite interesting about your article.sir i want to know one more thing that is., tsunami is occurring because of earthquake,volcanic eruptions,landslides,and meteorites.if the earthquake magnitude is more than 6.5 there may be a possibilities of occurring tsunami .likewise how they are predicting and applying any clustering technique? i want to know sir.sir i am waiting for reply.
    thank you

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