What an outright majority MDC government and Tsvangirai presidency will do and deliver for Zimbabwe

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Our biggest priorities as Democrats in the MDC led by His Excellency,the Right Honorable Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai are the economy, democratization, job creation, reclamation and restoration of basic human rights and the rule of law as well as investments in science, research, technology and innovation which will transform Zimbabwe into a modern, fair, just, democratic and developed country and we ask the people of Zimbabwe to prepare to flush out of Government Mr Mugabe and his ZANU PF counterparts who have proven to be anti people, anti democracy counter-progressives and obstructionists bend on maintaining poor governance, human rights violations, corruption, poverty and misery amongst the people. And we ask the people of Zimbabwe to prepare to flush them out and elect an outright majority MDC Government led by President Tsvangirai at which will work and focus on the core bread and butter issues of:

1. FULL ECONOMIC RECOVERY- When we entered the Government, our economy was in the intensive care unit and we were going through a 10 year economic depression and recession which was directly caused by the poor politics and poor economics of Mr Mugabe and ZANU PF and some of the worst felt pains and groins of that decade long economic depression and recession include:

1. record inflation to the tune of more than 2,2 million % which made our Zim dollar worthless rubble leading to the loss of our financial sovereignty.

2. this same record inflation which made basic commodities neither available and affordable with the hunger and starvation felt most by our ordinary people who, unlike the ZANU PF mandarins had no access to flash cars and hard foreign currency to import basic commodities from neighboring countries such as South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana.

3. record unemployment to the tune of more than 90% which deepened poverty levels and also dried revenue for the Government.

4.general despair and despondency amongst our people

5.forced migration as many of our citizens had to flee from both the Mugabe and ZANU PF reign of terror, violence and economic depression.

6.family break-ups

However, due to the economic recovery strategy(STERP-Short Term Emergency Recovery Program) which was crafted by the Hon Tendai Biti, whose economic brilliance and care for the people is beyond question, we have been able to heal the economy out of the intensive care unit. However, the economy is still very fragile, it has not yet fully recovered and now we need to elect an outright majority MDC Government led by President Tsvangirai which will work without the senseless and needless obstruction and counter progressive disruptions of Mr Mugabe and ZANU PF so that an outright majority MDC Government can focus and work on moving beyond the current fragile economic recovery which we have made since we entered Government.

2. FULL, STABLE AND STEADY ECONOMIC STABILITY AND GROWTH – before we entered the Government, the economy was registering continuous depression and recession to the tune of -40%. However, due to the pragmatic, people driven, people centred and people oriented leadership, politics and economics of President Tsvangirai and the Best Finance Minister in the whole of the Africa, Hon Tendai Biti, we have been able to stop that Mugabe and ZANU PF caused economic depression and recession and now our economy has begun to grow from a record low of -40% negative growth to a now record positive growth of 7 % and is projected to increase to between 10-15% annual growth but we will need an outright majority MDC Government for this economic growth and development to happen.

3. FULL ECONOMIC PROSPERITY : an outright majority MDC Government led by President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai will build on the good but still fragile economic foundation we have laid so far and move beyond full economic recovery, full stable and steady economic growth and stability and work on delivering full economic prosperity for Zimbabwe which will see us creating a more than 100 billion dollar economy, cut unemployment to an all time low of less than 10%, invest in social infrastructure, education, science, research and innovation and which will be redistributed in a fair, just, progressive and democratic manner to ensure that Zimbabwe becomes a modernized and fully developed, democratic and rich nation with high standards of living for all our people.

4.DEMOCRATIZATION: The MDC believes and stands fully and firmly for democracy as the most superior form of Government and in accordance with this fundamental belief and conviction an outright majority MDC Government and Tsvangirai Presidency will democratize Zimbabwe both politically, economically and socially.

With respect to economic democratization, the MDC stands for equality of access to economic opportunities, economic justice, economic freedom and economic democracy, entrepreneurship, progressive economic policies, redistribution of wealth, resources and power; progressive taxation, bottom-up investments in people in direct contrast to the failed trickle down economic policies of the past 30 years under the dictatorial Mugabe and ZANU PF Government, fiscal prudence and responsibility, sustainable, broad based economic growth and shared wealth and prosperity that is accessed and enjoyed by all our people and a stable, vibrant, healthy and flourishing economy in which hard work and responsibility is duly rewarded and able to guarantee a decent, fulfilling and satisfying life for all Zimbabweans.

More to that, the MDC believes that the Government has a role to play in facilitating the healthy and smooth operation of the economy. In this respect, if elected by the people of Zimbabwe and given the legitimate mandate to form the Government for Zimbabwe, the MDC will:

2.1. Adopt and embark on innovative, targeted, smart, prudent and progressive economic measures and programs aimed at ECONOMIC DEMOCRATIZATION AND CREATING BROAD BASED WEALTH AND SHARED PROSPERITY that will effectively and efficiently help to eradicate extreme poverty and deprivation, hunger and starvation. These measures will include strict fiscal responsibility and prudence to ensure that tax payers’ money is spent wisely and on the bread and butter issues that matters to the people of Zimbabwe such as job creation and more investments in lower, higher and tertiary education, universal health care and maternal care, housing projects especially non-profit and cooperative housing projects to address the evident chronic housing shortage and squalor facing our people.

(a) The bottom-up economic policies that invest in grassroots people and small businesses will bring to an end the current economic marginalization and economic dictatorship and injustice in which a few greedy, corrupt and reckless minority of elites control and run the economy at the expense of the majority of our people who are either excluded and marginalized from the mainstream economy or who work jobs that give nothing but little sleep and little pay.

(b) Therefore the MDC ECONOMIC DEMOCRATIZATION AGENDA will bring to an end this unacceptable, unjust and unsustainable ECONOMIC DICTATORSHIP. It will embark on redistribution programs and policies that are aimed at giving the majority of our people a meaningful stakehold in the economy so that they can be active participants in the economic process rather than being mere dependents as has been the case for the past 30years under the ZANU PF Government.

(c) This ECONOMIC DEMOCRATIZATION agenda of the MDC includes measures that will stimulate and spur fast, short term and long term economic growth and these measures include investments in both physical and social infrastructure such as the revitalization, rejuvenation, renovation and reinvention of physical buildings such as schools, Universities, hospitals, roads, the expansion and construction of new state of the art highways, upgrading and modernizing our railway system and transport networks so that transport, communication and information systems can be more faster and efficient; rural electrification and universal digitization, investing in clean, green technology, bio fuels and solar energy and help to deal with the chronic energy problems and power cuts.

5. RECLAMATION AND RESTORATION OF THE RULE OF LAW AND BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS: The MDC believes deeply in BASIC FREEDOMS, HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES and an outright majority MDC Government will uphold and protect the fundamental freedoms, human rights and civil liberties of our people such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of conscience.

6.SCIENCE, RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION: The MDC fully understands and acknowledges the powerful role that science and technology plays in this modern society and competitive global economy and as such an outright majority MDC Government led by President Tsvangirai will be deeply committed to scientific research and innovation, digitization and making investments in new technologies, universal internet access and medical research to find cure to diseases and challenges of the 21st Century.

These are some of the biggest priorities that the MDC led by Prime Minister Tsvangirai has and which we will work on and deliver as an outright majority MDC Government without the obstructions and disruptions of Mr Mugabe and ZANU PF and you are all called upon to prepare to elect this outright majority MDC Government and Tsvangirai Presidency.

AUTHOR: Jones Musara
URL: http://spindocter.blogspot.com and http://zadp.blogspot.com
E-MAIL: jnsmusara [at] gmail.com


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