The Global Warming Conspiracy

Posted on | augustus 13, 2012 | 5 Comments

People take the earth’s magnetic field for granted, because its can’t be detected by our five senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, feel, etc). It can only be detected by the knowledge that magnetic fields exist, or a magnetometer. The earth’s magnetic, and gravitational fields protects all life on the surface of this planet from the sun by holding the earth in a stable orbit around the sun, and protect life on this planet from deadly high velocity solar winds. The earth’s magnetic, and gravitational fields also protect life from the harshness of surrounding universe, and It performs several other functions. It holds this planet together, holds life, objects, and the ocean to the surface of this planet. It retains the air we breathe, and keep it from escaping into space, it protects life on this planet from sun flares, deadly radiation, from poisonous gases, and the vacuum of the surrounding universe. It acts as a force shield, and is responsible for our weather, thunderstorms, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wind. These are all generated by electromagnetic, and / or magnetic activity. These electromagnetic, and magnetic forces move the air in earth’s upper, and lower atmosphere. Air can’t move on its own.

The earth is moving closer to the sun, because the earth’s magnetic field is weakening. In the future it will get too hot to go outside in the day time, during the summer months.The winters are going to become sunny, and / or warm. The warmer the winters, the hotter the summers. In the future people will turn to all manners of lawlessness, even cannibalism to survive. The inclement weather, temperatures, and climate will severely disrupt world’s food production, and food supplies. This is some of the apocalyptic events the people on this planet will face in the future. I believe the anomalies below are effecting the earth’s weather, temperature, and climate, not greenhouse gases.The Earth’s climate, and greenhouse gases are not the cause for the increase in temperature. Something is going wrong with the earth’s orbit, and the earth itself. The sun is going to end all life on this planet, slowly. If global warming isn’t reversed. The instruction to stop global warming is written below. Global warming, and orbital destabilization are going to cause apocalyptic events in the future, if not stopped.

The anomalies below were discovered by American scientific organizations such as NASA, USGS, NOAA, etc, and not by me. I am the one who put these anomalies together as evidence that proves the earth’s orbital around the sun is destabilization, and decaying. Keep in mind that these anomalies are in the beginning stages. I started researching this subject in May-1982 I been involved with global warming since July-1983. I am not an over night expert. The anomalies below are occurring simultaneously, and are slowly worsening. There is no information available to show how long earth’s orbit around the sun have been destabilizing, or which one of these anomalies below will cause death, and destruction, first. The scientific websites below are my references.


(1). The sun is getting hotter, and brighter due to the earth moving closer to the sun. Many people around the world notice the sun feels hotter on their skin. This anomaly will produce deadly events in the future.

(2). The moon is continuing to move away from the earth 3.8 cm per year. Click on website “A” read last sentence in figure10. I don’t know the total distance the moon has traveled away from the earth, as this point.

(3). The earth is developing a breach in its magnetic fields. The earth’s magnetic field is showing signs of collapsing. This anomaly will produce deadly events in the future.

(4). The earth has tilted on its axis 26.0 degrees beyond normal, and the tilting of the earth axis is worsening. This anomaly will produce deadly events in the future.

(5). The earth’s magnetic poles are continuing to reverse at 40 miles per year.

(6). The earth’s rotation is continuing to slow down. Due to the earth tilting on its axis.

(7). The earth is wobbling on its axis, and the wobbling is continuing to worsen.

(8). Both polar ice caps are being melted by the sun during each polar ice caps summer season, due to earth’s orbit destabilizing. The oceans are rising. This anomaly will produce deadly events in the future

(9). The northern hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere are experiencing rare winter tornadoes. Due to the earth’s orbit destabilizing. It should be too cold for their development. Rare winter tornadoes are not rare anymore.

Earth’s core, and Nuclear Radiation

The molten activity in the core of the earth generates the earth’s magnetic, and gravitational fields. The earth’s core is being fuel starved, which is causing the temperature, and the pressure in the core to drop. As the core cools, and pressure drops the earth’s magnetic, and gravitational fields will weakens. This is causing the earth’s orbit around the sun to destabilize. The high temperature, and pressure in the earth’s core is not sustained by decaying nuclear material, or by a dynamo process. nuclear activity can’t generate pressure directly, unless its used in nuclear fusion, and explodes. The radiation would be so pervasive that it would have made its way to the surface of this planet via volcanic eruptions long ago, and contaminate the air, the water ways, and the land surrounding the volcano with deadly radiation. Radiation is deadly to the life forms, and is absorbed by all elements. Little to no radiation has ever been detected during, or after a volcanic eruption. The radiation levels are so small no radiation protection garments are needed when scientists come in contact with materials, and gases ejected from volcanoes. There has never been any dangerous radioactive fall out from volcanic eruptions.

There are no report of any radiation sickness after volcanic eruptions. There is not enough nuclear material in the earth to support the large, and highly intensive molten activity in the core, but there is more, than enough hydrocarbons. Radioactive activity by its self can’t generate pressure, but ignited hydrocarbons can. If the high temperatures in the core were sustained by decaying nuclear materials it would be impossible for the magnetic field in earth’s core to retain all of the the radiation in the core, and lower mantle, so radiation would eventually make its way to the surface of this planet, long ago. Volcanoes are the earth’s exhaust system. They remove spent fuel, and regulate the high pressures in the outer core, and lower mantle. Only crude oil, and natural gas by-products are ejected from volcanoes such as the great pressures, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, organic compounds, carbon enrich debris, carbon enriched lava, carbon enriched smoke, carbon enriched ash, sulfur, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, etc. The root causes for global warming is due to internal planetary sabotage, not external complications, beware of the sun.


How to Stop Earth’s Decaying orbit around the sun

The only way to reverse global warming is for the oil companies to re-pressurize the earth’s fuel systems, because the crude oil, and natural gas extraction process used by the oil companies reduces the pressure in crude oil, and natural gas wells (fuel system). One way this can be accomplished is by pumping the crude oil, and natural gas back into the ground, and igniting the natural gas in the crude oil, and natural gas well. The ignited gas will explode, and expand, and create the pressure need to force the remaining crude oil, and natural gas back into the lower mantle, and outer core. Air must be pumped into the crude oil, and natural gas well to compensate for a weak artificial ignition source used to ignite the mixture in the oil, and gas well. The high temperatures in the outer core, and lower mantle ignites the crude oil, and natural gas, when they come in contact with the high temperatures in the lower mantle. The lower mantle heats the outer core, and the outer core heats the inner core. Its the inner core that generates earth’s magnetic, and gravitational field. Some of the pressure generated by the combustion of hydrocarbons is vented out through the earth’s volcanic systems, and some of the pressure is used to pressurize earth’s crude oil, and natural gas wells.

The more hydrocarbons that are forced into the lower mantle, and outer core the higher the temperature in the core, and the stronger the earth’s magnetic, and gravitational fields, and the stronger volcanic eruption. When a oil, and gas well becomes over pressurized an earthquake is generated. The less hydrocarbons forced into the lower mantle, and outer core the lower the temperature, and the weaker the earth’s gravitational, and magnetic fields, and the weaker volcanic eruptions will become. The core is cooling slowly, because the core is receiving less fuel, and is surrounded by the best insulation known to man, and that is rock, and soil. It will take many decades to reheat the outer core, and many more decades to reheat the inner core to normal temperatures. Restoring earth’s fuel system back to normal pressures will stabilize earth’s orbit around the sun. If not done in time all life on this planet will cease to exist.

Crude oil, and natural gas was not created to fuel our industries, or automobiles. It was created to fuel this planet. Crude oil, and natural gas are the life blood of this planet. The earth is constantly creating more crude oil, and natural gas, but not at the rate it is extracted by the oil companies.

Global warming has nothing to do with a hole in the ozone, Co2 gases, natural gases, black carbon, the green house effect, sun flares, the sun going nova, and most importantly the earth is in no cycle of warmth. Tens of hundreds of scientists believe the green house gas theory is false. This should be a cause for an alarm. Global warming is based upon location, not greenhouse gas concentrations. The highest temperatures on earth are on the equator.

The sun is millions of times larger, than the earth. As the earth moves closer to the sun, its heat will continue to spread, and began to warm more, and more of the earth’s surface. Areas on the earth will begin to become sunny, and/ or warm in winter. The heat will spread towards both polar ice caps. As the heat spreads the more intense the sun’s heat will become. This effect has already begun on both sides of the equator in winter, and is responsible for winter tornadoes, snow storms accompanied by thunder, and lightening, and rain instead of snow. Warning.


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AUTHOR: Mr. Willie McDonald
E-MAIL: cdnld30 [at]


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5 Responses to “The Global Warming Conspiracy”

  1. Johnson
    augustus 13th, 2012 @ 14:09

    I’m not sure whether any Govt will buy the solutions offered by the author. But I agree with every single word I have read. Then comes religion and the Holy Mysteries; which ensures that how much ever man tries to avert known disasters – it will be done in an other way. We have very less time remaining – the universe has limited time. Technology has ensured that man uses more time everyday considering lives have become so fast. Contributes to the shrinking of universe which is marked by time. Very less time is remaining, no prophecy here. Magnetic field is actually Heaven consisting of dead human souls which are forms of energy and are also bipolar (+/-). Dead animal souls go down into earth. It is given in the Bible, do lookup. More humans dying and less animals dying thanks to PETA and other such Illuminatic initiatives; gives an imbalance between Magnetic Field aka Heaven and the Inner Core apart from pissing off God. The disc of dark energy found yesterday around the Sun is the new Jerusalem as given in Revelations; and it will descend on Earth. The shape will change as it descends.

  2. Matt
    augustus 13th, 2012 @ 15:28

    I don’t know how google found this page, but it’s freaking hilarious. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

  3. Paul
    augustus 13th, 2012 @ 18:27

    ANOMALIES 1(C): ‘We’re not saying that variations in solar activity account for all of the global rise in temperature that we are experiencing . . . ‘

    ANOMALIES 1(D): ‘This major finding may help climatologists to distinguish between solar and man-made influences on climate.’

    ANOMALIES 1(E): ‘Dr. Willson said most researchers expected greenhouse gases to warm the planet by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 100 years. Solar irradiance could add another 0.72 degrees, he said.’

    I could go on but I think readers will get my point. These quotes were taken from a quick scan of just a few of the sites you list which supposedly support your views. I suggest the author would be rewarded by a more careful, open-minded reading of the evidence .

    Changes in the Earth’s orbit and the tilt of its axis are well understood and referred to as Milankovitch cycles after the Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovitch who first described them. You might want to look him up. They explain the cycle of Ice Ages and interglacial periods evidenced over hundreds of thousands of years through ice core and other proxy data. They DO NOT explain the sudden warming which has occured over the last 100-odd years.

    Changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, solar flares, sunspot activity, etc. are less understood but acknowledged by the scientific community and the subject of ongoing studies. What is known is that the Earth’s magnetic field has ‘flipped’ in the past (North becomes South and vice-versa) and there is no archaeological evidence whatsoever to suggest this had any deleterious effect on life on the planet.

    You say, ‘Tens of hundreds of scientists believe the green house gas theory is false.’ Name them. And cite the peer-reviewed papers which support this assertion – if you know what a ‘peer-reviewed paper’ is.

    Finally, there are so many ridiculous fact-free assertions in this piece I could go on forever refuting them, so let’s just take one for illustrative purposes. You say, ‘These electromagnetic, and magnetic forces move the air in earth’s upper, and lower atmosphere. Air can’t move on its own.’ Have you seriously not heard of convection? This is primary school science you obviously don’t understand, yet you want us to believe your arrant nonsense over the consensus view of the climate science community. Seriously mate, if you’ve been studying this for 30 years and this is the best you can come up with, you’ve wasted a big chunk of your life.

  4. Anon
    augustus 14th, 2012 @ 03:40

    I smell schizophrenia

  5. Cody
    augustus 14th, 2012 @ 03:41

    Maurice, I blame you

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